email problems

Email problems

Avoid future email problems by consolidating your email accounts

Refused access - can't sign in

Anyone who has lost access to their email account and by this, I mean, you can't sign in to it - it won't accept your username, password or, both, will realise the problems that this causes especially, if you don't have everything backed up, and when I say 'everything', I mean emails and your

Protect your username & password details

email contacts list. I know many people who rely on the tick being in the 'stay signed in' box who are used to just clicking on a link on their Desktop and being taken straight in to your 'Inbox'. Some of them have lost or, forgotten the password that they used to set up the email account and haven't set a backup email address or a security question, which, will get

Avoid losing important information

you out of trouble, when all else fails. Think about it for a moment. There's a lot of information in the emails in your email account - if you lost access to all that information, would it cause you problems - you bet ! Ask yourself this - have you even got a backup of all your important email addresses ?

Email problems

Article first published 19-03-2011
The motivation for which topic to tackle next, usually, comes from the problems that I encounter in the day to day dealings that we have with some 500+ customers who rely on us for help with their internet connections and computers. This week is no different !
However, before I introduce everyone to another great piece of free software, let me explain why I started to look for a solution to the problem that this piece of software solves.
This week, we have seen another three computers that are 'blue screening' (the blue screen of death - as it is more commonly known). Hardware problems that are invariably caused by power problems are usually, but not exclusively, the cause of this phenomenon.
Sometimes, the computers can be fixed at a reasonable cost and other times, it's just not financially viable to detect and diagnose the root cause of the problem. In other words, the cost of the time involved in trial and error trouble-shooting can easily exceed the value of the hardware. When this is the case - there's only one solution, buy another computer !
On top of this, losing all the data that is stored on your hard disk drive is a bitter pill to swallow and further, the importance of keeping a back-up of all your important data, is a lesson that most of us learn the hard way - when our computer suffers a catastrophic failure !
Retrieving the data from a dodgy hard disk drive is also possible, but at what
cost ? Is your data really that important ? Both, questions that you will only seriously consider once that there is money involved !
Nowadays, most people are into the habit of backing up their important documents and photographs. There are some great programs and online services for storing and backing up your data - Picassa is an example.
In the past, I have written several articles about how you can back up your emails and email contacts list in Microsoft Outlook and/or, Outlook Express.
Losing your computer to a 'blue screen of death' is one of the occasions that might cause you to have to consider whether you have a back up of all your important data or, whether you have lost something that you didn't want to lose, but it's not the only one.
Recently, a simple task - changing the password on one of my Gmail email accounts, turned into an absolute nightmare when I lost access to the email account altogether. Did I have a back up of all the important email addresses that were in my Gmail account ?
Fortunately, I was able to regain access to the
email account, but only after a load of hassle and only, after suffering repeated problems in trying to do so.
So, to "Mailstore Home" - the free program that I promised to you at the beginning of this article. This program is a 'life-saver' to those people whose emails and email addresses are very important to them.
Companies and businesses have to pay for the program and services of "Mailstore", but 'private-usage' for individuals is free of charge !
This program is a fully-featured archiving system for your email accounts, but the very clever thing that this program/service does, is, it allows you to run several accounts, even from different email service providers ! So, for example, you can combine your Gmail account with a Yahoo account.
Here's what it says on their web site - "Over the years, emails can become scattered among different computers, programs and mailboxes. With MailStore Home you can bring order into this chaos by creating a single central archive for all emails."
The program/service has just too many features to do it the proper justice that it deserves here so, I have posted a full feature-set with a comprehensive download, installation and set-up guide, including screen shots of the full process - here.
If your emails and email contacts list is important to you and "Mailstore Home" is the type of program/service that you have been looking for !

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