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Google search results - block the web sites that you hate !

Now you can block web sites that you hate from appearing in your Google search results

Web sites that you hate !

I don't know what it is that makes me do it, but when I do a search in Google, I can't help myself - I always seem to click on a link in the Google search results (to visit the web site) before looking at the domain name of the web site, but not before, in the split second before the screen

Experts writing "Title" and "Description" ?

refreshes (with the web site), I read the domain name of the page that I have just (freely) elected to visit and see that it's one of those pesky join-to-get-an-answer web sites or, a content farm with little (if any) useful information on it. These types of web site must be experts in writing the page title and description tags, but nothing else !

Difficulty in changing my habits

It's the only reason that I can think of to explain away why I do it - repeatedly !
Is it that, I just can't seem to get into the habit of reading the domain name before I click or, are they really that good at writing the page title and description ?

Google search results

Article first published 12-03-2011
On the 10th March, Google reported on the official Google Blog, that, from now on, their users will be able to personalise their own search results.
I'm not so sure that people realise that, when they are signed into a Google account, their Google search results are already personalised to a certain degree
If you didn't realise this - give it a try ! Log into your Google email account (if you have one) and do a search for something that you might regularly search for in Google and then, log out of your email account and do the same search. You will notice that the search results are different !
When you are logged into your Google email account and you do a search, preference is given to web sites that you may regularly visit or, have already visited previously.
When I first started trying to get my web pages to the top of Google search results, I used to do a search for my web pages and think that I was doing well because my pages were at the top of Google's search results for certain search phrases. Imagine how deflated I
felt when I realised that this was because, when I searched, I was signed into my email account and so, preference was given to pages that I regularly visited - my own pages !
Basically, Google keep a history of the web pages that you have visitied in the past and when you are signed in to your Google account - in the list of results that Google returns to you when you do a search - preference is given to web sites that appear in your Google web history.
If you don't like the idea that Google is keeping a list of the web sites that you regularly visit, you can turn this feature off in your Google account settings. To do this, sign
into your Google account or, click the "My Account" link on your Google home page then: click "edit" which is next to "My Products" then: click "Delete Web History" - that's it, your Google web history is cleared, but you will have to regularly do this if you don't want Google to keep a list of the web sites that you regularly visit.
You can also remove selected items from your Google web history. Click the "Web History" link on your "My Account Page" then: click "Remove items" - now you are in "edit" mode. Select the items that you don't want to appear and click the "Remove" button - they are gone !
Anyway, now, you can block certain results (web sites) from appearing in your Google search results. Good idea ? I think so... why ? How many times have you clicked on one of the search results to find that the landing page is one of those web sites that you have to join or, pay to get help, support or, an answer to your question. Before, you had to click the "back" button and search again. Now you can ban those pesky web sites out of your search results altogether - good job Google !

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