Internet Explorer problems

Internet Explorer problems

Do web pages take ages to load, has Internet Explorer become slow and unresponsive?

Explorer - getting slower ?

Don't ask me why ? It could be for any number of reasons, but over a period of time, the performance of Internet Explorer seems to get gradually worse. I've looked at the other browsers, I've even got them installed on my PC (Firefox and Google Chrome) but for some reason, again, don't ask me why,

Explorer - I can't help it if I just like it !

but I just prefer to use Internet Explorer. Maybe it's because I have used it for so long or, because the text always renders better than the other two, but I just keep coming back ! I must admit though, this slowing down to a near stop problem with Internet Explorer is driving me mad. Especially after trying out Google Chrome with it's minimalistic approach

Explorer - what am I going to do ?

to web browsing and super fast page load speed. I know that if I leave it, it's just going to get worse so, what am I going to do ? Fix the Internet Explorer problems or, make the switch to Firefox or, Google Chrome ? Wait a minute, I think that I have found something that just might help !

Internet Explorer problems solved?

Article first published 26-02-2011
There is a growing trend amongst internet criminals to target weaknesses in your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) and the plugins that accompany it (Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Siverlight etc.) which they can use to compromise the security of your PC in some way or, another.
The attacks can be triggered from any number of different sources (drive-by attack from a web page, a compromised web widget, a malware infected web advertisement etc.) - there are too many to mention.
As weaknesses in either browser or, plugin are discovered, usually, after they have been exploited in some sort of attack, the owners of the software, normally, issue a fix in the form of a security update which is usually delivered to your PC over your internet connection.
If your PC is set to receive these updates automatically, you may not even know or, notice that your system is being updated.
Some updates are non-essential, but others are critical, in other words, it's not safe to continue without updating.
Some users set their PCs so that they don't receive automatic updates and other users decline to accept updates because they fear that it may cause them a problem with their PC.
We've all, at some time or, another, just clicked "Cancel" instead of carefully
reading what it says in the pop-up window and following the instructions.
So, over a period of time, the amount of updates that your PC may require can mount up.
Apparently, according to recent research, eight out of ten PCs browsers/plugins are out of date and need to be updated and this is the reason that the internet criminals target them, because they know that they are not completely up-to-date with the latest security patches and are therefore, vulnerable to attack !
Bearing all this in mind, imagine how pleased I was when I discovered the web site that I am going to recommend to you now !
The first thing to take notice of, is that, the web site runs on the https:// protocol (more secure than the http:// protocol)
When you visit the web site, you are invited to install their plugin. Installing the plugin will
allow Qualys BrowserCheck to perform a security analysis of your browser and its plugins to identify any security issues. Install the plugin to get started - this takes a matter of a few seconds.
You will know when the process has initiated, usually, because your PC bleeps to let you know but also, the opening screen contains a green arrow that points towards the top of your browser where you need to click and agree to allow installation of the plugin.
You are prompted to "Install" the plugin and clicking on the button installs it on to your PC. The next window contains a blue button - "Scan Now". Clicking this button allows the plugin to identify your browser and then check whether it, and any other plugins that are installed on your PC, are completely up-to-date.
The results contain red buttons and green buttons which depict whether or, not, your browser or, a plugin, are insecure or, up-to-date. If any element is found to be insecure, another blue button gives you the option of fixing the problem, but be warned, a grey button next to a red button is bad news and means that this element is not only insecure, it cannot be fixed !
It's a great web site that you can visit periodically to test the security of your Internet Explorer (browser/plugins.)

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Internet Explorer problems
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