Racially offensive comments
Racially offensive comments

Twitter poster receives a 56 day jail sentence for posting racially offensive comments on the internet

Racially offensive comments

Branded a drunken idiot and kicked off his university course - did he really need to be thrown in jail as well ?

Racially offensive comments
This week, a Twitter poster received a 56 day jail sentence for posting racially offensive comments on the internet. Without going into too fine a detail, the comments related to Fabrice Muamba, the Bolton football player who suffered a cardiac arrest during a football game. Why would you post something like that on a public forum ?
Well initially, the person concerned in this particular case, claimed that his Twitter account had been compromised and that he wasn't responsible for posting the comments, but later he admitted to Police, that he had posted the comments, but that he was drunk at the time that he did.
Apart from the obvious - the seriousness of publicly making a racially offensive comment, I wonder whether the Magistrates took into account any other factors in arriving at their decision to jail the person concerned ?
Did they for example, take into account, how many people saw the offensive comments, how many people complained about the comments or, the fact that the comments related to such an unfortunate event, live on TV - who knows, but one thing is for sure, people have committed more serious violent offences and walked away from court with a fine, community service or, a suspended sentence !
This guy has had his fifteen minutes of fame, he has been branded a drunken idiot and he has been kicked off his university course - did he really need to be thrown in jail as well ?
Last year's UK riots were said to have been orchestrated in part, using social media web sites and David Cameron promised a clamp down - was this the opportunity to make an example of one of their users ?
This is the first time that evidence from a social media web site is being used in a racism case relating to football and if this jail sentence is the bench-mark for future cases, there's a certain Chelsea player - Mr. John Terry who, if found guilty of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand in his trial which is set to take place this July, will almost certainly be hanging up his boots for at least a couple of months.
Mr. Terry has pleaded not guilty to the charges, but the prosecution has already said that, in combination with expert testimony from lip readers, they will be using video that was uploaded to Youtube as evidence in their case.
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Date posted:
April 14, 2012 - 08:53 am
When are people going to learn that they just simply can't post whatever they like on Twitter and in other places similar.
Racially offensive comments aren't acceptable at any time, in any place or, in any format especially, where football is concerned and John Terry may discover that in the not too distant future.
The problem with this type of website is that people post comments to get a reaction - to see how many people they can wind up.
Sober, with their wits about them, I suppose that they know how far to push their luck, but unfortunately, Twitter is not a place for drunken idiots.
Racially offensive comments
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Racially offensive comments
Racially offensive comments
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