Skype problem

Skype problem

Skype problem ? Do you object to advertisements appearing in Skype ?

Skype advertisements ?

Well, it doesn't cost us anything to download and use (for Skype to Skype calls), and if we make regular international calls, it saves us quite a lot of money - have we any right to complain about Skype including advertisements in their popular voip software ?

Bombarded with advertisements ?

It doesn't matter where we go or, look, on the internet, we are bombarded with advertisements, but I suppose that this is the price that we have to pay for wanting, demanding everything for free ! Nowadays, people seem less prepared to pay or, even, consider paying for anything internet related - they just want it for free !

What are their options ?

I suppose the companies concerned have no other option. If they can't sell their product, they have try and raise revenue from selling advertisements, but as the number of companies using this business model increases, we end up seeing the same ad's over and over - surfing is becoming oh so, boring !

Skype problem

Article first published 12-03-2011
This week, Skype announced that it has started showing advertisements within the home tab of its popular internet voice calling software.
On the company blog, they re-assure existing Skype users that the "Skype experience" is 'still' their first priority, but say that they believe that "advertising, when done in the right way," will help them to continue to invest in developing great products.
They warn us that they are going to use some of the personal information that they know about us, to target the advertisements that they serve up on to our PCs. They justify this by asking us to consider whether we would rather see relevant advertisements. You can opt out of allowing Skype to share this non-personally identifiable demographic data with its advertisers by clicking on the "Privacy" tab under "Tools" and "Options."
I don't think that people that use Skype to make free Skype to Skype calls have got any cause for complaint, but those that subscribe to Skype may feel that they should be able to use the software without having to be forced to look at these advertisements.
Skype say that their users are not going to have their calls interrupted by "annoying pop-up ads" or, "flashy banner ads" in middle of conversations and assure them that their "initial plan" is to show an "ad from one brand per
day", but is this just the thin end of the wedge ?
Initially, the advertisements are going to be shown on the PCs of users in the UK, Germany and the United States. How quickly this will be expanded to include other territories will, I suppose, depend upon how successful the idea is - how much advertising revenue they rake in ?
Personally, I no longer use Skype. I have found that the later versions of the software noticeably slow down my PC. I do log into Skype every now and then, to make a free call, but as soon as I have finished, I log out off Skype and close it down.
I have tested my download speed when Skype is active and noticed an improvement as soon as I close it down so, its not only, using my PC's system resources, it's using my internet bandwidth as well !
I was surprised to learn that Skype's call revenue per user is less than £1 per year so
perhaps, it's not surprising that they are looking for a new way to make money out of their users.
I looked at some of the comments that have been posted on the various Skype user forums and it seems as though some users are taking exception to the introduction of advertising on Skype.
Anyone that is sufficiently upset by this move or like me, believes that their computer and internet connection slows down when Skype is open, has always got the option of switching to Google Talk which works in a different way to that of Skype.
Skype utilises its user's PCs as nodes to route their calls around the internet. Not many people realise that it's our internet bandwidth that Skype is using to make money !
Google Talk has more or, less the same features as Skype. You can make voice and video calls, but it uses Google's own servers and internet bandwidth and so, doesn't slow down your internet connection.
There are hundreds of other different Voip service providers (voice over Internet Protocol) available on the internet, but Skype is by far, the most popular. We will have to see whether this new move affects the size of their user base. Somehow, I doubt that it will.

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