Spam email problem

Spam email problem

Spam, a collective term for unsolicited bulk messages sent indiscriminately ?

What is Spam ?

Everyday, we all receive email that, for whatever reason, we don't want to read, and many of us sit muttering to ourselves ("bloody spam") as we sift through the emails in our inboxes, but not all unsolicited email is spam. If your email address has been harvested from somewhere off the internet (from a

What isn't spam ?

forum posting for example) and it has been added to a list which is being hammered with emails for viagra - ok, that is spam. If you have registered with or, joined a web site of some sorts, and when you did, they asked you for your email address, subject to the terms and conditions that you agreed to at the time (if you read them !), you may have agreed to

If it's an annoyance - unsubscribe !

allow the web site owner to email you from time to time. This type of email is not spam, but, depending upon the frequency of the emails, it may be a nuiscance. Don't forget, with this type of thing, you should always be given the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Spam email problem

Article first published 15-01-2011
As it gets more difficult for web site owners to monetize their web sites, increasingly, they look towards alternative means of raising cash to fund or, profit from their on-line publications.
There are various means that they can employ to try and raise extra cash and nowadays, it's common to see a "Donate" button, especially on 'not-for-profit' web sites.
A good example of this is, a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Nowadays, it appears in Google's top ten search results for 'almost' anything that you want to search for on the internet and recently, it's founder - Jimmy Wales, appealed to Wikipedia's users to make a donation to enable it to continue in it's current form which I presume, means free from advertising.
This is one example, but there are many others. Some web site owners join referral programs and earn money by placing links for products and services on their web sites. They receive a payment when one of their web site visitors clicks on one of the links or, buys something from a web site that they have linked to. The Google Adsense program is a good example of this.
Some on-line publications have introduced 'pay-walls' and restrict access to certain parts of their web sites to those visitors who are prepared to pay. A good example of this is the on-line version of The Times newspaper at where visitors can access the front page of the web site, but when they click to read a linked story, they are asked to pay £1 to continue reading.
Most people don't object to any of these 'common practices' because they can choose whether or, not to participate, by donating, clicking on a link or, paying the fee.
What people do object to in my experience, is being asked to register as a 'user' of a web site. The web site owners may put forward any number of reasons why you should and in most cases, it doesn't cost anything to do, but as you sit at your computer and complete the form, you just know that they are going to use your email address to bombard you with unwanted email.
They may even sell your email address to third parties who will also, bombard you with unwanted email. Are you going to spend 10 minutes reading their 'privacy policy' to see what they will do with your personal details ? I don't think so !
There are various ways of getting around this problem. Setting up an email address to be used specifically for this type of registration, is one method that some people use to reduce the possibility of spam clogging up their in-boxes.
With this in mind, I want to introduce you to two web sites that some of our readers may find particularly handy: -
At you can register a free disposable email address that you can then, use to register as a user or, open an account with any web site. It takes ten seconds to register an email address and you can choose any address that you want as long as it's 'something'
I recommend that you choose an unusual address that is 'password-like' - something containing both upper and lower case letters and numbers - say, - why? Well, here's the clever thing ! After registering and using an email address to register somewhere, if you want to, you can return to Pepbot's web site later and easily collect any email that you may receive, just by typing in the address. Simple and quick !
Plus: for those web sites that send out a confirmation email that requires you to click on a link before they will set up your account, just add "-a" to the end of your Pepbot email address and it will click on the link for you - automatically. It's all explained on their web site - give it a visit. No more spam - Hooray !
www.bugmenot is another type of service. Here, you can get a pre-registered username and password for most of the popular web sites on the internet that require you to login or, register using a username and password.
You can help to expand their service by registering a username and password for a web site that you use (using fake details of course) and then, by posting the username and password on the Bugmenot web site, anyone can use the details that you have created to gain access to that site.

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