Web cyber criminals
Web cyber criminals

Cyber criminals target internet users with a malicious plugin

Web cyber criminals

Cyber criminals give their scam maximum exposure by targetting Wordpress users

Cyber criminals
Cyber criminals have found yet another way to target and scam unsuspecting web surfers using one of the most popular internet blogging and content management systems.
www.wordpress.com is used by millions of people because it makes it very easy to to build and publish web sites on the internet . If you are thinking of building a web site, why not check it out ?
Users add their content to a number of standard web site themes (designs) and can easily add interactivity to their web site using one or, more, Wordpress' plugins and applications and it is this feature that has been exploited by the cyber criminals.
According to Websense® ThreatSeeker® Network, "ToolsPack," a Wordpress plugin that promises to "Supercharge your Wordpress site," has already compromised 200,000 individual web pages.
Wordpress users who install the plugin, are inadvertently giving the cyber criminals a back door to the code in their web pages who then, use it to inject malicious code.
So, what does all this mean ?
Well, the reason that the cyber criminals have targeted Wordpress users with the malicious plugin is because it gives their scam maximum exposure - 200,000 infected web pages will be viewed by millions of web surfers.
Through a series of re-directs, visitors to one of the infected web pages land on a rogue anti-virus web site where they are tempted into downloading and installing a Trojan on to their computer.
A pop up window running in the internet browser 'appears' to do a scan of your computer during which it pretends to detect several different types of threat before warning you that your computer is infected and offering you the option of downloading a fix to the problem.
The internet continues to be a hazardous place to frequent and as long as a fool and his money are easily parted, internet criminals will continue to look for and exploit weaknesses in all the popular systems and software.
If you are in any doubt as to just how clever these criminals are, consider that no more than 5 minutes into the Pwn2Own cracking contest "team Vupen" exploited 2 Chrome bugs to demonstrate a total break of Google's browser and won $60,000 US Dollars out of the $1m US Dollar prize fund that Google is offering in the contest
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Web cyber criminals
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Web cyber criminals
Web cyber criminals
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