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Web site problem

Which of these web sites is a spoof ?

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Computer problem

'Ultra' transparent frog discovered in Cyprus

$100,000 US Dollar reward for finding the 'ultra' transparent frog !
The frog, a freak of nature, is believed to be the result of a genetic mutation in the small green tree frog ( Hyla savignyi or, Hyla arborea )
Scientists believe that the gene that is usually responsible for the development of the frog's skin has somehow been replaced with the gene that determines the development of the frog's eye lenses which are transparent. The result is an 'ultra' transparent frog.
Click on the picture or, on this link to read more about the 'ultra' transparent frog - Funny Cyprus

Web site problem

Article first published 02-04-2011
This week's column was written the day before April fool's day so, I don't know what IT related April fool's day stories have been released this year.
No doubt, Google will have treated everyone to another of their half believable stories and set the internet alight with rumour and speculation.
Although, don't be too quick to disbelieve this year's April fool's day story from Google as don't forget, at midnight on the 31st March in 2004, in a very clever marketing ploy, Google introduced Gmail to the World by announcing that they were launching a free web based email service with a Gigabyte of online storage.
At the time, this type of service was unheard of and so, the story was dismissed as another of Google's April Fool's day 'hoaxes' and this was the story that went 'viral' across the internet. When in fact, it turned out to be true, all the web pages containing the original April Fool's Day hoax-stories had to be corrected. The amount of free advertising that Google got for their new email service was un-equalled - very clever !
Anyway, this week, I would like to introduce you to three different web sites so, I'd better get on with it.
At www.cosmosmagazine.com they have announced that a new campaign with improved technology is underway that will allow engineers in the not too distant future, to drill down from a ship, through the sea bed and into the earth's mantle. Samples will be extracted that could yield clues as to the evolution of the planet. Visit the web site it's a very interesting read.
Meanwhile Russian Genetic Scientists using miniature cloning techniques who are working
in conjunction with Sokoblovsky Farms, 80 kilometres outside Krasnodar in Russia, have perfected a technique that enables them to miniaturise animals. Visit www.petitelapgiraffe.com to view a live web feed from the farm's web cam and view pictures of the genetically engineered miniature giraffes. Don't get too excited because the little cuties are sold out for years to come with the first one going to the Crown Prince Farad Yilslopo of Saudi Arabia.
At www.eurekalert.org scientists claim that they have reached a milestone in the drive for sustainable energy by successfully developing an artificial leaf that mimics the process of photosynthesis. The new 'advanced' solar cell (about the size of a joker in a pack of playing cards) is able to convert sunlight and water into energy. The artificial leaf could provide a future source of inexpensive electricity, especially for the homes of the poor in developing Countries.
Can you spot the April Fool's Day story in this week's column - Which of these stories is a spoof !

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